29 may. 2011

Capítulo 2 - página 3 / Chapter 2 - page 3

In this page Ivy remembers how she met Maris and how the three of them ended up living together. Also, punk Ivy FTW!!!
En esta página Ivy recuerda cómo conoció a Maris y cómo las tres terminaron viviendo juntas. Además, Ivy punk XDDDD

2 comentarios:

  1. omg!ivy! DDD': that's so incredible sad! but i'm happy it all turned out alright.. i mean, she is living happily in ha frigging STEAMING HAWT harem nuw X'DD not to mention, punk ivy and goth maris made my day! but i sure do hope that guy she trusted doesnt turn up again.. or, don't i?

    i really feel i know the characters alot more now, and that the story have gotten a depth that i for one really appreciate!- i mean, now i don't just look forward seeing new cräzyhott seksi-scenes, but i'm also curious of what's gonna happen next.! this is sooo lovley blackcat! i'm gonna continue reading nuw.. ^^

  2. and ah! forgot to tell you - i LOVE LOVE LOVE the first four panels(uhm..is that the right word? panels?) on this page!when amys remember her and maris.. well, black days?:p i just love how much expression she i showing - almost like i can hear amy giggeling to herself. X//3 beautiful done!